Fall 2019 Roundtable Sessions - November 15

Event Date: 
11/15/2019 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
298 New Cabell Hall (Language Commons)

Presenter:  Zaida Villanueva, Alicia López-Operé, Sarah Annunziato, Rachel Geer

Title:  New writing assignments for language, film, and composition courses

Description:All four presenters attended the Faculty Seminar on the Teaching of Writing in May 2018. Participants were asked to give a public presentation on the assignments they designed after the seminar, therefore these four faculty decided to join forces and shared their new materials with the IWL community. Zaida Villanueva has designed short workshops at the end of each content chapter, to offer students an array of strategies to explore and reflect and to be better prepared to write compositions and projects that are assessed. These workshops included tasks such as brainstorming and organizing ideas, assessing and reflecting on cultural comparisons, collaborative writing, etc. Sarah Annuziatto will present on writing about film as a tool for developing linguistic and cultural competency in foreign language courses. Alicia López-Operé will present on modeling editing with compassion by creating peer editing small groups. Rachel Geer will present on the integration of in-depth peer review sessions and how to structure / prepare them so as to increase students' use of the target language during the peer review process.