IWL Foreign Language Housing Training Workshop -- From Conversation to Proficiency

Event Date: 
08/26/2017 - 9:00am to 4:00pm
Wilson Hall foyer (1st floor)

IWL Foreign Language Housing Training Workshop

From Conversation to Proficiency

Dr. Chantal Thompson

Registration available: https://goo.gl/forms/Pw8h2HZIzZXkbUn02

Date: August 26, Saturday, 2017

Location: Wilson Hall foyer (1st floor)


The purpose of this workshop is to learn how to turn the casual conversations

that typically take place in a foreign language program into a ladder to increased proficiency.  In order for this to happen, LA’s and AC’s need to:

  1. be familiar with the ACTFL Guidelines and look at language development through the lens of function, text type, content/context and accuracy;
  2. practice elicitation techniques that establish functional ability;
  3. design a bank of topics and questions aimed at moving residents from one level of proficiency to the next;
  4. conduct individualized assessment sessions, based on Can-Do statements, as part of the program.


Workshop Agenda


9:00—9:15                            Defining the challenges (brainstorming)

9:15—10:15                         Focus on Proficiency

                                                      •  The ACTFL Scale and what it really means

                                    •  Identifying functions, content, accuracy and text type

10:30—10:45                      Break

10:45—12:00                      Focus on elicitation techniques

                                                      •  From questions to functions

                                                      •  Spiraling questions from the one level to another.

12:00—1:00                         Lunch

1:00—2:15                            Designing the program

                                                      •  Defining the objectives

                                                      •  Creating a bank of topics and questions relevant to your program

2:15—2:30                            Break

2:30—3:45                            •  Strategies to empower students to stay in the language and say more than the bare minimum;

                                                      •  Planning individualized assessment sessions.     

3:45--4:00                 Conclusion