IWL Members Received the Learning Technology Incubator (LTi) Grant

Please join us in congratulating four member of the IWL community, as they received the Learning Technology Incubator (LTi) Grant initiated by the A&S New Learning Technology Committee and A&S Office of Learning Design & Technology.


Manuela Achilles & Amon Shepherd


GERM 2525 Learning a Foreign Language Through Technology

Alison Levine


An Active Learning Redesign of French Cinema and Global Cinema Courses

Abigail Hohn


Rhythm of Russian: interactive online modules for students of Russian to improve recognition of stress, vowel reduction, and poetic meter.

Hsin Hsin Liang

DEALLC (Chinese)

Fostering Collaboration between Teacher & Students in Advanced Chinese Courses: enhancing listening comprehension and writing in Chinese by transcribing videotaped Chinese scholars’ lectures

Alicia Lopez-Opere

Spanish, Italian & Portuguese

3D Human Models for Medical Spanish

Matthew Street

Spanish, Italian & Portuguese

Foreign Language ePortfolio Translated: Language-Specific Instructional Materials and Evidence of Success