17 FALL ROUNDTABLE SERIES Grantees Poster Session

Event Date: 
10/13/2017 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Nau 342

Haniyeh Barahouie: Lessons from French AP workshop

Francesca Calamita: Innovative Approaches to Teaching Italian Language and Culture

Zaida Villanueva Garcia: Interpreting "the Other" through literary works: understanding or misunderstanding?

Vonna Hemmler: Learning Language in a New Culture: A Critical Examination of University ELP Curriculum

Hsin-hsin Liang:  Collaborating with Chinese Visiting Scholars to Create a Learning Community in Advanced Chinese Courses

Stella Mattioli: The ePortfolio in the Italian classroom. Uses and Possibilities

Andrea Pauw: Verses to Live By: Performance and Perseverance in Aljamiado Literature

Ran Zhao: Application of Speech Visualization Technology in Mandarin Tone Instruction