2018 IWL Faculty Retreat

Event Date: 
05/04/2018 - 8:00am to 3:00pm
Graduate Charlottesville Hotel

                                                IWL Faculty Retreat 2018

Date: Friday, May 4th  8am-3pm

Place: Graduate Charlottesville Hotel (1309 W Main St, Charlottesville, VA 22903)

Topic / theme:     ‘Building Intercultural Competence in language classrooms’


8:15am - 9am                         Breakfast

9am – 9:05am                       Associate Dean, Francesca Fiorani

9:05am - 10am                        Session I: ‘What progress have we made since last year? Sharing progress, challenges and future objectives’


This session is a follow-up sharing session. During this session, language program directors and coordinators will give a brief summary of their language objectives and share any work and progress made since last year's IWL Faculty Retreat. There will also be a discussion facilitated by Elizabeth Dickens and Dorothe Bach during which the participants can exchange feedback and comments.

Presentations from following programs: Chinese, Japanese, French, Portuguese, German

10am - 12pm             Session II: ‘How do we incorporate intercultural competence and communication in the language learning process’?   


This session will focus on intercultural competence and communication and ways to incorporate concepts and tools from this field in our language programs. During this workshop, CORE Director, Catarina Krizancic, will share definition(s) of what intercultural competence and communication mean and how it can be developed and assessed in our classrooms. She will also be sharing her experience with students who conduct fieldwork abroad. Each language group will later gather and work on including intercultural competence into their program objectives.

12pm - 1:15pm                     Lunch break

1:15pm - 3pm                        Session III: Group work, sharing & wrapping up


During this session, each language will work in developing their intercultural competence goals throughout the different levels. This session aims to be a continuation of the work started in Catarina Krizancic’s session. At the end of the session, each group/language will share very briefly their achievements in this session.