IWL Roundtable - Miao-fen Tseng, March 25

Event Date: 
03/25/2016 - 3:00pm to 4:30pm
Wilson Hall 133

Miao-fen Tseng, Associate Professor of Chinese and Director of IWL

Title: A flipped classroom model at UVa STARTALK: research and practice

Funded by the federal STARTALK grant at the total amount of approximately $1,000,000,UVa STARTALK has successfully developed a research-supported flipped classroom model for Chinese language learners in 2015. To allow instructors to constantly and systematically monitor students’ daily progress, this model features strengthened learning procedures, involving students in four stages of learning: watching videos, taking notes while watching videos, responding to comprehension questions, and receiving instant feedback. In the presentation, the presenter will highlight the interconnectivity and efficacy of the four stages of learning, analyze the data that were automatically generated through the online operational system, summarize the results of the survey on students’ feedback, share programmatic reflections on the enhanced model, and if time permits, identify challenges and make suggestions for the future development of blended learning models for the program and beyond.