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Engagement Grant


In recognition of faculty’s synergistic innovation in creating meaningful and impactful experiences for students, IWL has allocated funding to support a smooth transition to teaching in fall 2023 – spring 2024 as we enter the post-covid era.

Engagement and interaction are key to the success of language teaching and learning. To foster full engagement and quality interaction, the budgetary support offers up to $500.00 for faculty to purchase instructional materials, organize extracurricular activities, and hire student assistants to develop materials, facilitate discussion, analyze data, coordinate events and do other relevant tasks. Funds will be given on a rolling basis and should be spent by June 15, 2024 in accordance with UVA regulations.

Faculty with continued appointment are eligible to apply. Please send your proposal to the IWL Director, Miao-fen Tseng(link sends e-mail) ( sends e-mail)) at your earliest convenience. In your proposal, please include the following itemized descriptions. Proposals with missing information will not be fully considered.  

  1. Faculty name and email
  2. Course number and title
  3. Justification of your curricular and pedagogical needs
  4. Explanation of itemized budget  
  5. Other sources of secured funding

Further questions should be directed to the IWL director, Miao-fen Tseng(link sends e-mail) at sends e-mail).