UVa, Duke, and Vanderbilt LCTL CISCO Initiative

The "Less Commonly Taught Languages" (LCTL) joint initiative by Duke University, Vanderbilt, and UVA uses immersive real-time and high-definition TelePresence system (CISCO) to allow language instruction across the two campuses.  In the Fall of 2013, DEALLC instructor Tsetan Nepali (UVA) teaches Elementary Tibetan, Jacques Pierre (Duke) teaches Elementary Creole, and Mareike Sattler (Vanderbilt) teaches Elementary K'iche'. Each of these languages is taught at their host institution and made available to students at the other participating universities.

Roundtable Series on Language Teaching and Learning

With a Grant for Learning awarded in Spring 2012, Emily Scida (Department of Spanish, Italian & Portuguese) spearheaded a series of five monthly roundtable discussions on foreign language teaching and learning.  The roundtables created an interdepartmental learning community of teachers, bringing together GTAs, lecturers, and faculty who teach foreign language courses across eight different departments/programs to share innovative teaching ideas, research, and best practices.

For an up-to-date schedule of our Roundtables, see our events page. If no events are currently listed, please come back next semester!

See some of our Roundtable Series videos!

IWL Speaker Series

The Speaker Series creates an interactive platform for nationally and internationally renowned scholars and researchers to share cutting-edge research findings and practices in the teaching and learning of world languages, cultures, and advanced technology with UVa faculty across different world languages and disciplines. The series is centered around a central theme that our speakers address in their talks. The theme for 2015-16 is "Engage, Invite, Inspire: A Closer Look at World Language Pedagogy". 

For an up-to-date schedule of our Speaker Series talks, see our events page. If no events are currently listed, please come back next semester!

See some of our Speaker Series videos!

IWL Fall Symposium

IWL has currently hosted two fall symposiums, the first on October 31, 2012 and the second on October 30, 2015. The first IWL Fall Symposium announced the launch of the Institute of World Languages and the second was held in conjunction with International Education Week. Plans for future IWL Fall Symposiums are to-be-determined. For more information about our Fall 2015 symposium, please see our event page for program and presentation details.

See our Symposium presentations and videos!

IWL Faculty Retreat

The Faculty Retreat, newly launched in Spring 2015, aims to bring world language and literature faculty to a relaxing and thought-provoking workshop setting for professional development. It guides workshop participants through a model protocol to develop performance assessment tasks and "Can Do" statements that frame a course curriculum. This assessment system shapes entire majors and language programs, from literature to language, focusing on recurring ideas and themes you want students to revist and remember over time.

See the video from our 2015 Faculty Retreat!

IWL Language Dinner Table

The Language Dinner Table is a newly created IWL event designed to meet the needs of students who are passionate about learning world languages and cultures on grounds. By providing a dynamic, informal social setting, students are fully immersed in enriching discussions about language and culture in different target languages at dinner tables. The event allows students to practice their target language as well as meet people who share similar interests on grounds. We held our first IWL Language Dinner Table in Spring 2015 and another in Fall 2015 during International Education Week. This has been an extremely popular event that we hope to continue!

IWL Film Series

The IWL Film Series aims to enrich cross-cultural and multi-lingual experiences of world langauge learners in the community at UVa and beyond. The series began with a kickoff panel discussion on three principles for understanding the globe and continues as we screen seven different films in different world languages. In the Spring 2016 Film Series, we plan to screen films in Arabic, Russian, Italian, Swahili, Chinese, Hebrew, German, and Japanese.

For an up-to-date schedule of our Film Series screenings, see our events page. If no events are currently listed, please come back next semester!

All films are subtitled in English and open to all interested parties at no cost!

Tech Forward Fridays

This initiative supports ASCIT's goal of providing innovation and assistance in the area of instructional technology.  Began in Spring 2013, Tech Forward Fridays are training presentations on current software and web-based applications available to instructors in the College of Arts and Sciences.  While many of the tools are useful in L2 settings, their application goes beyond the language classroom.


TeacherTalk provides a space for language instructors across UVa to share, discuss and learn from their teaching experiences. On one hand, it is a collaborative tool that promotes communication among different language departments. On the other, it provides language professors and instructors with useful tools for their personal and professional development. In addition, TeacherTalk provides a dynamic tool for the Foreign Language Roundtables. There, you can find updates on present and future roundtables, summaries of previous ones, and open discussions to continue the topics of these round tables.

Discussion topics change every week and cover a variety of ideas/issues. Visit TeacherTalk to give your opinion and hear from your peers!

Outreach Initiatives

The College of Arts and Sciences encourages faculty and students to link their academic experiences at the university to initiatives that benefit the community as a whole. Fostering this partnerships is mutually beneficial, and the IWL, through the individual language departments, works closely with faculty, students, and community organizations to develop initiatives that engage U.Va’s academic expertise to facilitate language proficiency and enhance multi-cultural awareness in the local and global community.

Language Forward Initiatives

The initiative creates real-time immersive online programs that aim to expand opportunities for UVA students to interact with native speakers abroad. Building on connections forged by 12 UVA language faculty, students in 10 languages across 7 language departments will partner with native speakers abroad for synchronous online communication in 2018-19. Through cutting-edge online immersion, students will develop the linguistic proficiency and cultural fluency necessary for global leadership and aspire to be global leaders. The 10 languages include Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Modern Hebrew, Russian, and Swahili.