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Language Program Grant

Language Program Grant Call for Proposals

Application Deadline: April 15, 2024

Eligibility: All UVA language program directors and coordinators are eligible to apply.

Submission: Please submit a 3-page proposal that includes the following sections and proposal format. Before submission, please fully consult all faculty members in your own program, prioritize program needs, and email the proposal in a word or PDF file to Miao-fen Tseng(link sends e-mail) ( sends e-mail)) by the deadline. Late submissions will not be considered. A face-to-face meeting with Professor Tseng prior to submission is highly recommended but not required.

Grant Amount: Up to $1,500.00.

Term of Grant: The funding for the grant must be used between July 1, 2024 and June 15, 2025.

Proposal Format:

  1. Cover Page (1st page)
  2. Goals & Significance
  3. Descriptions
  4. Timeframe
  5. Budget
  6. Others

Cover Page: The first page of the proposal should have the following information.

  • Title of Proposal
  • Name of the language program
  • Contact information (email & phone)
  • Name of the Department

Goals and Significance of Project: Present the goals of the project and the expected outcomes of the project that are beneficial for the growth of the language program in relation to language teaching and learning; describe the relevance and significance of the proposed project that aligns with the overall mission of IWL, how it will benefit UVA, and why IWL should fund it.

Descriptions: Describe exactly what the proposed activity would entail.

Timeframe: Include information about the start and end date of the project, and the different stages of development for the project.  

Budget: Include a narrative justification of the budget and a tabular budget with specific line items for the project. The statement should identify a list of additional sources and specific amount requested for this grant.  You are encouraged to secure funding from the department or unit where you currently serve. You may also consider funding from the Student Council, College Council, and other potential sponsors at UVa or beyond. Please be aware that any award amount given and used for wages should include the Fringe Benefit portion of any employee and student wage (i.e., 0.06% of the wages). For example, if your proposed budget is $998.58, it will be $943 in wages and $56.58 in Fringe Benefit.

Proposal Length: a maximum of 3 pages (including the cover page)

Note: the 2023-2024 grantees should include a summary report in addition to the 3-page descriptions in the proposal.

Deadline: April 15, 2024

Notification: Applicants will be notified of results by May 1, 2024

Criteria for Evaluation: Proposals will be evaluated based on merit, need, and program size. Those who received awards in 2023-2024 should add a category at the end of the proposal to document the effectiveness and successful outcomes of the project in order to be fully considered for the funding of the same or a different project.  

Questions: Any questions about the grant or about application may be directed the Director of the Institute of World Languages, Professor Miao-fen Tseng(link sends e-mail) ( sends e-mail)).