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    Speaking Turkish will allow you to travel to Türkiye, a secular Muslim country with a vibrant economy and thousands of years of history. The earliest human settlements we know today, such as Göbeklitepe are in Southeast Türkiye. The ongoing excavations and research show the foundations of human civilizations, including the first appearance of domesticated cats. No wonder cats are still in the heart of Turkish culture.

    More recently, it was home to the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. It is well-known as the cradle of civilizations and a bridge between East and West, quite literally in the case of the Bosphorous Bridge in Istanbul.

    Turkish Facts

    TURKISH is a Turkic language that originated in Central Asia. The modern standard Turkish is spoken in Türkiye and parts of Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. It has been written in Latin script since the language revolution in 1928. Before then, it was called Ottoman Turkish, the official language of the Ottoman Empire, and was written in Arabic script. Even though it used to include several Arabic and Persian loaned words, it comes from a different language family. One of the significant differences is its gender-neutral pronouns.