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Presenters: Janay Crabtree, Center for American English Language and Culture (CAELC) and Mieko Kawai, Dept. of East Asian Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (DEALLC)

Title:  Navigating the Future of Language Education: Leveraging Generative AI in the Classroom


This Roundtable is a hands-on exploration designed to unlock the potential of Generative AI tools, such as CoPilot and ChatGPT, for the IWL faculty at UVA. With a dual objective, the session aims to both illuminate and engage. Our first goal is to introduce participants to the vast array of Generative AI resources now accessible to UVA faculty and students, with a keen focus on those tools particularly suited for language teaching and learning. Through interactive sessions, attendees will learn the functionalities, potential applications, and innovative ways these AI tools can enhance and complement traditional language teaching methodologies. The second objective centers on harnessing the collective wisdom and experiences of our faculty members who have ventured into integrating Gen. AI tools into their pedagogical practices. Facilitated open discussions will provide a platform for participants to exchange their practices, addressing the successes and challenges encountered in incorporating Gen. AI into language instruction. This dialogue is designed to cultivate a supportive community of practice, fostering innovative teaching methodologies, and promoting continuous exploration of Gen. AI tools together to have a collection of student-centered activities. We extend an invitation to all IWL faculty members, whether they are veterans or novices in the use of Gen. AI tools, to partake in this hands-on Roundtable session. This is a unique opportunity to share insights, learn from peers, and collaboratively influence the future trajectory of world language education at UVA.