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IWL Call for Proposals for OERLL

I. Goals

The Institute of World Language (IWL) aims to promote and support Open Educational Resources for Language Learning (OERLL). Our main goals are reducing the cost of course materials, eliminating barriers to equitable access, maximizing student achievement, and learning outcomes, and addressing affordability, accessibility, and inclusion for all learners. Open Educational Resources (OER)(link is external) are “teaching, learning and research materials in any medium – digital or otherwise – that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits no-cost access, use, adaptation and redistribution by others with no or limited restrictions” . The OERLL initiative emerges within the field of language learning as an opportunity to strengthen academic freedom, to decolonize the curriculum, and to offer inclusive and open pedagogy.

II. Timeframe

The initiative has completed Phase I when faculty prepared and explored OERLL for world languages (summer 2021-spring 2022). On May 6, 2022, the IWL organized a retreat to disseminate information and help faculty develop skills and knowledge needed for material development and linking to OERLL. In Phase II (summer 2022-spring 2023), faculty will create and adapt materials and language-specific curricula with advanced technology. This leads to Phase III (summer 2023-spring 2024) when participating faculty will finalize curricular materials and complete the creation of OERLL that will be accessible to UVA students in summer 2024 and onwards. If your proposal is for work at the Phase I or Phase II level to be done from summer 2023-spring 2024, please explain this clearly in your implementation timeline.

III. Eligibility

Full-time faculty in world language and culture with continued appointments are eligible to apply.

IV. Type of Proposal

Faculty are welcome to submit an individual or a group proposal for a fully packaged open course. A group proposal refers to a single course with joint effort by two or more faculty or two sequential courses at the 1000, 2000, 3000, or 4000 level. A fully packaged course has all materials accessible to students at no cost.

V. Funding

Up to $5,000.00 for summer salaries or research funds in accordance with UVA regulations. Research funds can be used for student wages, purchase of materials and technology tools, and travel costs up to $1,000 to gather material to incorporate into OERLL, or to present a paper and/or attend workshops related to OERLL.

VI. Deadlines: October 28, 2022, and March 31, 2023

VII. Proposal Format

The proposal is limited to 6 pages (singled spaced; font size 12), not including the cover page and support letter. Submit a PDF file named “IWL OERLL proposal Last Name First initial.pdf” in *ONE* email submission. Use the email subject “OER Grant proposal” to send your proposal to the Committee: Paula Sprague(link sends e-mail) ( sends e-mail)) and Cecile Rey(link sends e-mail) ( sends e-mail)). The letter of support should be separately sent to the committee chair via email. Do not compile the letter of support in the PDF file.

A. Cover page

B. Proposal narrative

C. Budget

D. Professional development and commitment

E. Letter of support  

A. Cover Page

1. Full name

2. Email

3. Department & Language 

4. Length of Appointment (start to end date)

5. OERLL Course number and title

6. Type of Proposal (individual or group)  

B. Proposal Narrative

7. Description of the OERLL project

Please state 1) goals, 2) pedagogical and curricular innovation, and 3) types of materials that will be released and accessible from your OERLL site.  

8. Impact

Please explain the impact of your project on language teaching and learning.  

9. Implementation Timeline  

Please specify what you aim to accomplish at different stages of development according to the IWL OERLL timeframe (section II above): Year 2 in fall 2022-spring 2023 and Year 3 in fall 2023 to spring 2024.

Notification: Fall applications will be notified of award decisions by November 18, 2022; spring application by April 21, 2023.  

C. Budget

10. Secured Funding

Have you received funding from IWL or other units for the development of the materials that you plan to use as OERLL materials? If yes, please provide the following information. If not, skip this item and work on Item 11.

    1) When did you receive the fund?

    2) Which unit granted you the fund?

    3) Which course was funded? 

    4) What kind of materials did you complete?

    5) What was the total amount of funding that you received?

    6) In your OERLL project, do you plan to add new materials to what you have already

    created? If yes, please explain further. 

11. Pending Funding

Have you submitted a proposal requesting OERLL funding within UVA or beyond. If yes, please answer the following questions.

    1) What is the funding unit?

    2) When is the grant notification date?  

    3) What is the expected maximal amount of funding?

    4) When is the estimated completion date of the project?  

12. Number of Students

Please indicate the number of students that will benefit from your OERLL project in the following statement.

“The proposed course is offered (Frequency and Schedule of Course) and has (# of students) students in each section for a total of (# of sections) sections. I personally teach these sections or am responsible for selecting the course materials assigned in them.”

13. Estimated Student Savings

Please list savings calculation per semester and per year.

14. Budget Request and Justification

Budget request and justification should align with the proposed timeline in item 9.

D. Professional Development & Commitment

15. Participation in Professional Development

1) How many talks and workshops have you attended in preparation for your OERLL project?

16. Commitment Statement

Please use the following template to complete needed information.

I (or We; add names here) verify that I (or we, add names here) will attend meetings and professional training after receiving the grant and that I (or we) will present my (or our) OERLL project and share findings at the events organized by IWL in Year 2 (fall 2022-spirng 2023) and Year 3 (fall 2023-spring 2024). I am (or We are) fully committed to the proposed OERLL project and will complete the creation of OERLL in accordance with my (or our) proposed timeline and the IWL timeframe.

E. Letter of Support  

A letter of support from the language program director/coordinator or department chair should be directly sent to the committee chair Paula Sprague(link sends e-mail) ( sends e-mail)) with CC to Cecile Rey(link sends e-mail) ( sends e-mail)).   

Further Questions

Please contact the Faculty Grants Committee Chair Paula Sprague(link sends e-mail) ( sends e-mail)) with CC to Cecile Rey(link sends e-mail) ( sends e-mail)) and Miao-Fen Tseng(link sends e-mail) ( sends e-mail)).